Below are a handful of some of my favorite interviews and reviews from the last few years, in video, podcast, and text.

Vice Magazine’s Motherboard came out to Brooklyn to shoot me talking about game design and showing off an early prototype for Sixteen Tons.
+ In this PBS mini-doc about game personalities in NYC, I join Jesper Juul, Leigh Alexander, and Sayed Salahuddin as a talking head talking about games.
The Submarine Channel, a Netherlands-based video site, produced this short in which I talk about the “Ludic Century” in which we’re all now living.

+ For her NY Times Habitats column, Connie Rosenblum put together this portrait of Nathalie Pozzi, me, and our apartment.
+ New Yorker writer Blake Eskin penned this wonderful write-up of his playtest experience of Starry Heavens.
+ This extended interview in Paste Magazine by Cassandra Khaw delves into my game-making childhood and  evolution from “artist” to “designer.”
+ Kirk Hamilton wrote this great piece in Kotaku about the Metagame, including an instructional video.

+ In this episode of Another Castle, I talk with Charles Pratt and Noah Sasso about why game design is meaningful.
+ I chat and debate about the concept of emergence with Ryan Sturm and Geoff Englestein on this episode of the Ludology podcast.
+ Wes Williams and Spencer Wilson and I spent  an episode of their podcast Core Elements discussing game design and its relationship to culture.
+ Jeff Rubin, of the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin podcast, chatted with me for an episode about the NYU Game Center’s approach to teaching game design.

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