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Local No. 12
Local No. 12
Local No. 12

Local No. 12 is a group I formed with fellow designers Colleen Macklin and John Sharp in 2009. Together we make games that explore social interaction and new kinds of gameplay.

Our first game was called BackChatter, a game about Twitter trendspotting. It was designed around the backchannel of tweeting that happens at a conference. In the game, players bet on which words they thought would appear most in tweets about the conference. We have open-sourced the BackChatter code and made it available for anyone that wants to play.

Our next game was the Metagame, a massively multiplayer card game in which players debate videogame aesthetics that premiered at the 2010 Game Developers Conference. The Metagame was a wild success, and through a Kickstarter campaign we funded a home version, which is available online for sale. We also completed a “culture edition” that moves the game outside of videogames into film, literature, music, and other forms of art, design, and media.

Local No. 12 continues to be very active. We’re working on new expansions of the Metagame, as well as a social iPhone game that uses classic literature as its raw material. Click here for information about the Metagame on this website.

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A game design collective I created with Colleen Macklin and John Sharp in 2009


Local No. 12's most recent project is the Metagame - a card game about debating culture.