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Before you contact me…
if you are looking for information about getting into the game industry, the best resource I know is the “breaking in” section of the International Game Developers Association website. Join your local chapter of the IGDA. Gamasutra is also an excellent resource for learning about the game industry.

If you live in the NYC area and want to break in: my best advice is to join the NYU Game Center mailing list, the IGDA NYC mailing list, and subscribe to Nicole Leffel’s excellent game internship mailing list (email:¬†nicole.leffel [at] gmail [dot] com). Check NYC Game Industry regularly, go to game events at places like the NYU Game Center,¬†Babycastles and Eyebeam to meet people, and – most importantly – contact Kurt Beig about joining the Five Points mailing list (email: kurtbieg [at] gmail [dot] com).