I am a game designer who has been working in the game industry for more than 20 years. I have created dozens of games of all kinds, from massively multiplayer online games to physical games  for galleries and musems to card and board games. Inventing new forms of play is my life’s passion.

Teaching is part of my design practice. I have taught at schools like MIT, School of Visual Arts,  and Parsons School of Design, and I am a founding faculty at the NYU Game Center, where I am a full-time Arts Professor at Tisch School of the Arts. I’ve written about game design in books like Rules of Play, co-authored with Katie Salen, considered the standard textbook for game design.

A big chunk of my career was being the co-founder and Chief Design Officer of Gamelab, a NYC-based game development studio which was in operation for nine years and grew to a staff of 30. Since Gamelab closed in 2009, I have been working on a wide range of independent projects. I also co-founded the Institute of Play, a thriving nonprofit that has created schools based on games and play as the model for learning.

This portfolio site focuses on my past projects. It launched in 2011 and I’m still in the process of updating it. For information on my current activities, check out my project blog. Special thanks to amazing designer Rachel Morris for implementing this site.

Be playful.